Locally Grown Season Two Episode Five Cristian Perez

Cristian Perez Color (1 of 1)

Off and on a misty rain fell on the day Cristian Perez and his band were scheduled to play in The Yarden. We were set up and ready to shoot a few times and then we would break it down when the rain fell. So we ate what was on the grill and discussed the possibilities of a re-shoot. Their drummer Marty was leaving for Cuba the next day so it was shoot that day or wait til next season. While the weather radar said big storms a gentle mist was what fell so we were able to get a few songs in for the show.

Cristian had seen the show on Facebook and I first met him when he emailed me inquiring about being on the show.  I want this show to be about all levels of diversity in the DC area music scene so I booked him immediately thinking I was getting a Classic Latin ensemble.  When they hit the first song my mind was blown. I was so pleasantly surprised. My inner hippy came screaming out. I had to dance behind the camera! They’ve got a little bit of so much of everything in their music and I loved every moment they were here playing to beat the rain. These folks LOVE TO PLAY MUSIC! Check them out below!

Appearing in The Yarden:

Cristian Perez- Guitar

Yana Hristove- Flute

Marty Risemberg- Percussion

Daniel Brown- Bass