Locally Grown Season Two: Episode Two ilyAimy

ilyAimy Yarden (7 of 16)

I heard of this band from folks talking on Facebook, met them at The Wammies and I am so glad when I asked they play in The Yarden they said “Sure’ It was such a cool day in The Yarden. This band just loves to make music.

This band is hard to describe so I will steal something from their website: “ilyAIMY (i love you And I Miss You) is a percussive acoustic rock animal. Mixing genres from rock to folk to soul to bluegrass; flavours as varied as jazz and hip hop curl through what is undoubtedly one of the most exciting sounds in today’s folk(ish) music scene. Recently hailed as an audience-voted “Most-Wanted Artist” at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, ilyAIMY combines award-winning songwriting, tight male/female harmonies, signature intricate slap-style guitar work, ukulele, djembe and an eclectically humorous stage show into an exquisite package.”

I love that they have an electric cello in their band.  I love the fact that most of the band members work at House of Musical Traditions in Takoma Park. And how can you not love the fact that Rob and Kristen became engaged just a few days ago!



Rob Hinkal : vocals, guitar

Heather Aubrey Lloyd : vocals, guitar, djembe

Kristen Jones : vocals, electric cello

Sharif Kellogg : piano, bass

Joey Jenkins : drums


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