Locally Grown Season 2 Episode 9 “Funk Up the Grass”

Funk Up the Grass 2 (25 of 32) Funk Up the Grass 2 (22 of 32) Funk Up the Grass 2 (32 of 32)

For the final episode of Season Two of Locally Grown I invited DC’s (which means the country’s) best Funk Musicians to meet DC’s best Bluegrass Musicians and “Funk Up the Grass”.

Funk Up the Grass Musicians
Vocals                    Dari Jay
Guitar &Vocals    Dede Wyland
Trombone            Greg Boyer
Bass                       Geff King
Fiddle                   Patrick McAvinue
Horn                     Jasen “O” Holland
Banjo                    Ira Gitlin

Here are some behind the scenes video as they met and warmed up special thanks to Neil Rubino for shooting these

Locally Grown Season Two Episode 7 Annette Wasilik and John Previti

Annette and John Beth's Yarden (1 of 1)

This week’s featured guest is Takoma Park’s Singer Songwriter Annette Wasilik who invited John Previti to fill the yarden with the joy of her music. Accompanying Annette is John Previti on bass.

annettewasilik CD

Annette’s debut CD, Songs from the Talking House, was awarded Best Contemporary Folk Recording of the Year by the Washington Area Music Association in April 2016.



Locally Grown Season Two Episode 6 Mark Noone

mark Noone Yarden 5 (1 of 2)mark Noone Yarden 5 (2 of 2)

This week on Locally Grown DC Legend Mark Noone discusses his past present and musical accomplishments in bands The Slickee Boys, The Wanktones, Out Behind the Barn and more with his number one fan and President of The Slickee Boys Fan Club Robbie White then performs some of classics songs solo acoustic which he hasn’t done since the sixties.




Locally Grown Season Two Episode Five Cristian Perez

Cristian Perez Color (1 of 1)

Off and on a misty rain fell on the day Cristian Perez and his band were scheduled to play in The Yarden. We were set up and ready to shoot a few times and then we would break it down when the rain fell. So we ate what was on the grill and discussed the possibilities of a re-shoot. Their drummer Marty was leaving for Cuba the next day so it was shoot that day or wait til next season. While the weather radar said big storms a gentle mist was what fell so we were able to get a few songs in for the show.

Cristian had seen the show on Facebook and I first met him when he emailed me inquiring about being on the show.  I want this show to be about all levels of diversity in the DC area music scene so I booked him immediately thinking I was getting a Classic Latin ensemble.  When they hit the first song my mind was blown. I was so pleasantly surprised. My inner hippy came screaming out. I had to dance behind the camera! They’ve got a little bit of so much of everything in their music and I loved every moment they were here playing to beat the rain. These folks LOVE TO PLAY MUSIC! Check them out below!

Appearing in The Yarden:

Cristian Perez- Guitar

Yana Hristove- Flute

Marty Risemberg- Percussion

Daniel Brown- Bass





Locally Grown, Season Two Episode Four “The Darkest Timeline”

Darkest Timeline w BeBop (1 of 1)

I met this singer songwriter duo locally here in Silver Spring playing at The Bump ‘N Grind and Zed’s Cafe two coffee shops that I frequent. Juels Bland and Zachary Ryan Parkman make up this duo and sometimes full band. On this hot day in The Yarden they played mostly original music but mixed originals into cover songs and back to originals again. (or maybe the other way around??) BeBop truly enjoys their music and you can see that here. Check em out here and find out where they came up with this unique name. (It wasn’t on SnapChat)

You can catch them playing frequently around the DC area.





Locally Grown, Season Two, Episode Three Dylan Gavin


Dylan Yarden 2 (1 of 1)

I met Singer/Songwriter/Beat Boxer Dylan Gavin on Facebook. I had been watching some of his videos when at the same time he inboxed me about being on the show. We recorded this a few weeks back between rainstorms.

From his website:

“I’m so passionate about music, I don’t really do anything else.  I want to move people, change people, inspire people.  I want them to walk away from my performance with new ideas and the uncontrollable urge to do something they’ve always wanted to do but simply haven’t yet.  I love human connection and real heart to heart conversation and there is hardly a better medium than music.

My goal as a musician is to re-invigorate people love for the story of a song, the way it was in the 60’s and 70’s (the golden age of songwriting) without sounding like I got my bell-bottoms and my bowl cut in the same groovy shopping mall plaza.  I also hope to meet you and chat with you about music, life, death, existence, art and anything that antithetical of small talk. ”





Locally Grown Season Two: Episode Two ilyAimy

ilyAimy Yarden (7 of 16)

I heard of this band from folks talking on Facebook, met them at The Wammies and I am so glad when I asked they play in The Yarden they said “Sure’ It was such a cool day in The Yarden. This band just loves to make music.

This band is hard to describe so I will steal something from their website: “ilyAIMY (i love you And I Miss You) is a percussive acoustic rock animal. Mixing genres from rock to folk to soul to bluegrass; flavours as varied as jazz and hip hop curl through what is undoubtedly one of the most exciting sounds in today’s folk(ish) music scene. Recently hailed as an audience-voted “Most-Wanted Artist” at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, ilyAIMY combines award-winning songwriting, tight male/female harmonies, signature intricate slap-style guitar work, ukulele, djembe and an eclectically humorous stage show into an exquisite package.”

I love that they have an electric cello in their band.  I love the fact that most of the band members work at House of Musical Traditions in Takoma Park. And how can you not love the fact that Rob and Kristen became engaged just a few days ago!



Rob Hinkal : vocals, guitar

Heather Aubrey Lloyd : vocals, guitar, djembe

Kristen Jones : vocals, electric cello

Sharif Kellogg : piano, bass

Joey Jenkins : drums


Locally Grown, Season 2, Episode 1: Ty Braddock and The Loyal Inmates with special guest Mz Laydee

Ty and Tasha 1 (3 of 4)

This week’s guest in The Yarden is Outlaw Country Band Ty Braddock and The Loyal Inmates. You can see this band on the first Friday of every month at Brand 72 in Rockville. On this episode Ty and his band are joined by Go-Go Star Mz Laydee for some Hank Williams and later some Allman Brothers Southern Rock!

Ty Braddock – Vocals/Guitars

Glenn Shoup – Bass

Scott Holland – Lead Guitar

Patty Dougherty – Drums