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On Locally Grown DC Music Photographer Chip Py invites local musicians over each week to grill and groove in his garden. The Yarden

We just wrapped up the Third Season and to date we have produced 26 episodes featuring 71 musicians in The Yarden

Season One                                 Season Two                           Season Three

Tom Clifford                             Funk Up the Grass               Crys Matthews

Wendy Rai                                 Skyline Hotel                        The Outskirts

Pebble to Pearl                          Annete Wasilik                     Brian Farrow

Elijah Balbed                             Mark Noone                          Mansutus Jones

Snakehead Run                        Cristian Perez                       Sol Roots

Frank Serius                            Darkest Timeline                 Emma G

Claudia Rogers                        Dylan Gavin                         The Conrads

Esther Haynes                        ilyAimy

Genny Jam

Marcus Young

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